DIY Unfinished Interchangeable Door Hanger Add On,  Pumpkin Insert, Hello Pumpkin

DIY Unfinished Interchangeable Door Hanger Add On, Pumpkin Insert, Hello Pumpkin

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This is a listing for an add on Insert for the Interchangeable Round Door Hanger found in another listing on this site. This is for the Pumpkin Insert.

The base sign for this insert can be found here:

This is a DIY Kit. It is unfinished when it is shipped. The completed sign in the picture gives you an example of how your sign can look. This is the way we chose to finish this sign. It will come to you with all small pieces taped well together. We cannot be responsible if small pieces become dislodged during shipping, nor can we be responsible if you lose any of the pieces.

The sign is available in your choice of sizes of 10.5, 12, 15, 18 or 24 inches and can be easily hung by attaching cord or rope through the holes at the top.

We recommend for you to use acrylic craft paint when finishing your sign. Paint pens can be useful for painting small details. You will also need a super glue to assemble your sign. We also recommend using a thick viscosity brand. If you have glue showing from underneath any pieces when you're finished, this can be "hidden" by top coating your sign with a matte clear topcoat. This will also provide extra protection to your finish.

The base sign is separate pieces of 1/4" wood that fits together and is glued to make the base where you insert the add on inserts also sold on this site. This listing does not include any add on inserts.

Shipping is figured based on a 24" sign. If you order a smaller sign and you overpay for shipping, this overage will be refunded to you.